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Client Testimonials


I'm 65 and this is the first time I'm working out!  Dennis helped me to lift weights using the right form so I didn't hurt myself.  He works at my pace and makes it challenging but not too difficult.  Dennis also got me in shape for my big trip to Europe.  We did a lot of strength and stability/balance exercises.  I don't know what I would have done without his help.  If you don't use it, you lose it!


-Glen Koki, 65, Front Desk, Waikiki 



The guy is a walking encyclopedia and a true workout architect.  He knows practically every exercise out there (because he's done them all) and actually shows you the correct form in real time!  I'm always amazed at how he starts to blueprint our workout, then am blown away even more the way he purposely avoids or intensifies muscle groups with the order he chose.  Another plus is that he devotes all his time to you.  He doesn't text or eat or fall asleep during your session.  He's always there with a smile on his face and an open handshake.  If this guy was in the mainland, I have no doubt he would own his own gym.


-Boyd Connor, 44, Athletics



Dennis was phenomenal at showing me the correct way to do certain exercises. I made significant improvements with just 2 training sessions. He has more knowledge than your average personal trainer and will go the extra mile to get you to your goal.


-Jessica Schimmelmann, 29, Stay at Home Mom of 4



I've worked with other personal trainers before and Dennis is by far the best I've seen.  After I retired I gained more than 20lbs.  And I've lost more than 20lbs by training with him for only 3 months.  It really does work if you follow what he says.  His knowledge expertise and willingness to listen and help accordingly is this gentleman's greatest strength.  And he shows a lot of respect and clarity for someone his age.  I'm 72.

-Gerry W, 72, Retired Woodworker



Dennis helped me out quite a bit.  I have been a client of his for the past 4 months and after working with a few different trainers, it was fantastic to meet someone who could actually take me to a higher level.  Dennis is very good at not over-working you and keeping you at a level of training that really pays off.  I'd recommend him to anyone who wants proper training. 


-Ted Gonzales, 53, Owner of Pacific Diamond & Swiss Watch Exchange



I am 39 years old and have never been into the gym scene.  I have had 3 back surgeries, and at the age of 39 I realized that if I didn't do something now that I would pay for it in my elder years.  So I signed up with Powerhouse Gym and told them what type of trainer I was looking for.  They paired me with Dennis, and I haven't looked back.  From the first day, he listened to what I was wanting to accomplish and my history of back injuries.  He has designed workouts to strengthen my core with correct form.  I have lost 10 pounds and 3 inches off my waist in 5 weeks.  I feel stronger everyday.  Dennis is extremely flexible with my schedule.  I have had to make a lot of changes with times due to the military and Dennis has never batted an eye.  He is always early for our sessions, and dedicates 100% of his time to me.  He always explains the proper technique with every exercise, so I don't hurt myself.  He is very friendly and keeps the exercises going, but finds a way to keep my mind off what we are doing.  This has helped me not focus on the exercise itself, but form.  He always encourages me through the exercises.  I couldn't ask for a better trainer!


-Sterling Magby, 39, Air Force Master Sergeant, SNCO



I have been training with Dennis for only 6 weeks now and have been able to cut my blood pressure medicine in half!  Also with the diet changes I no longer have symptoms from my colitus.  I really enjoy training and for once actually see myself achieving my goals.


-Lynn Magby, 40, Hospice Registered Nurse

*Trainer Note: Lynn lost over 20lbs in 3 months!  She is currently down over 50lbs!



Thanks for the training sessions.   I really enjoyed the individual attention.  My purpose as you know was to address the weak areas on my body due to injuries.  As a small business owner, I am health conscious because if I can’t work then I don’t earn money.  My past injuries in my herniated disk in the neck and lower back were causing me extreme discomfort on my weekend training rides over 50 miles.  What I learned from you will extend my ability to ride on extended rides with Tradewinds which is my current goal.


The first session taught me about the importance of muscle massage with the roller and stretching.   I think the reason that I keep injuring my lower back is the tightness of the fatigued muscles.  The cycle of injury and recuperation frustrated my progress.  The second session of hip specific and balance related exercises helped with the stability of my iliac crest and hip and knee pain.


This morning I felt the muscle pump and isolation in my neck and lower back without even using any weights which is remarkable.  I was able to bump up the intensity of my normal stationary cycle and stair master routine in part due to the rehabilitation.  


Thanks for your friendship and supportive attitude in helping me rehabilitate this old body.


-Michael Ulm, 53, Cyclist



I want to thank Dennis for the PUSH & for mixing it up with his plethora of disciplines & experiences. I needed the accountability, especially with my nutrition!  Being a Hot Hula Fitness instructor for 3 years, I thought I was in pretty good shape.  After the first day of doing weights with Dennis, I realized I was basically reduced to a beginner!  I could teach dance fitness for two hours straight, but I had trouble with the variety of exercises and equipment he challenged me to do.  Immediately, I followed his plan for me to drop the body fat and maintain lean muscle... losing 6 pounds in the first week alone!  I am excited to see the results I can accomplish with a fantastic trainer like Dennis.


-Socee Ramos, Dance Fitness Instructor

*Trainer Note: She lost 10lbs in 5 weeks and even went to Vegas for a week!



I have been a member of another gym for several years and was ready for something different. Fortunately, Powerhouse Gym with Dennis has exactly what I need to reach my fitness goals. He is pleasant and easy going yet committed and always ready to give me the push that I need and the challenges I seek.  He has exposed me to equipment, machines and exercises that were new to me while paying special attention to proper form and technique.  Training sessions are focused yet lighthearted as he keeps you motivated and tracks your progress.  If you are ready to get started or just need a little guidance I highly recommend Dennis to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


-Therese Soogrim, 44, Mother of 3, Breast Cancer survivor



I had always wanted to get a trainer and I finally did.  Dennis is perfect!!! From the first day I met him he was so easy to talk to and listened to my concerns and goals.  He was so positive about the fact that I could DEFINITELY reach my goal even if I wasn't so sure.  I have been with him for 10 weeks and am more then ecstatic with my results so far.  The best part of it all is he challeges me with a variety of exercises and weight lifting and never lets me give up!  He explains how to use every machine we have used and goes over what muscles it works on.  Form is very important to Dennis and I for one appreciate that.  If anyone is looking for a trainer who is personable, who will keep it exciting and fresh all the while making sure you learn proper form Dennis is your guy!  I couldn't ask for a better trainer!!!!


-Tammy Yasutake, 43, Business Owner



I had to set the record straight.  Dennis is one of the best trainers out there.  He gave some girls a great deal on training because he saw they were making no progress despite working out for hours over the course of an entire year.  The deal was for more than half off his normal rate with daily diet tracking (since they ate like complete crap) and was meant to be a jumpstart since they complained about being broke.  He spent hours programming their individual eating plans but they ultimately ignored his diet advice and even cancelled a session 2 hours before.  Then they tried to undercut his rate even more (by demanding to pay 120 for the entire month) and when he refused, tried to create some drama.  He even paid them back the very same day out of his own pocket.  The bottom line is they paid him for training and daily diet tracking (a service) which he provided without fail.  That is what separates him from other trainers who skip out and run.  He is ALWAYS there when you need him.  He genuinely wants to help and doesn't act like an asshole about it, like some other trainers who act all rude or skeezy.  He will always be there to support you, so if you failed, you failed YOURSELF FIRST.  So learn both sides of the story before you judge.  Read all the success stories and the rest of the testimonials here and compare that to however wants to run their mouth about the guy that's always had my back, and the backs of countless others.  Pa‘ahana, Ho‘okipa, Alaka‘i


-Keala, 29, YMCA



Dennis is by far the best trainer at Powerhouse.  His workouts are incredibly varied and he always has me progressing no matter what we do.  He is never late for our sessions and even sends me reminders.  He is easy to get along with and even easier to talk to.  He's also patient and optimistic, even when things aren't going the greatest for him.  Dennis is as much a friend as he is a personal trainer.  He kept in touch with me through many deployments.  (Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Afghanistan)  And not once did he ask me to get him anything.  A man of character. 


-Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Miller, US Army Ranger, 47



Dennis Ching is your go-to trainer!  The workouts start easy because he teaches you form, then when he thinks you're safe, he kicks your ass every single time!  Lol, one time he kicked my ass so much he bought me something from vitamin shoppe after!  Working nights and having upside-down hours proved difficult but hes always worked with my schedule and my budget!  I've definitely learned a lot and he's been a good and honest friend.  


-Daniel, 24, City and County



You made it easy for me to understand the correct form for each exercise and you showed me exercises I can replicate on my own. I appreciate that you asked me questions to assess what you could show me that could benefit me. Thank you so much and I look forward to more training from you.  Thanks again


-Rachelle Watanabe, 40, Fitness Consultant



Aloha, I am April, a 58 year young health care provider dedicated to the service of taking care of others.  So as a member of Powerhouse Gym, I appreciate the type of quality service Dennis Ching brings to his industry.  Dennis is very knowledgeable. He communicates in a thorough and concise manner, he's easy to understand, and encourages the asking of questions.  I recommend Dennis as a personal trainer, if what you are looking for is someone who is knowledgeable in his craft, who has the skills to get results, is patient with the people around him, has a easygoing disposition, with a caring demeanor, and is very observant as well.  So when you are ready, committed, and dedicated to putting in the hard work, physically and nutritionally head on down to Powerhouse Gym in Aiea and see Dennis Ching.


-April, 58, Health Care Provider



Dennis is my go-to personal trainer.  I first chose him to help me get ready for marathons.  And with his help I was able to lose 25lbs, double my strength and increase my endurance.  Then I wanted to do Obstacle Races and together we completed a 30 mile Spartan Trifecta.  Later I went on to do a 24 mile Spartan Ultra Beast.  After that I started to compete in BJJ Naga events and returned to train with him again.  He is one of the most versatile trainers I know.  I'm a busy man and he is always willing to work with me and my difficult schedule.  Definitely a standup guy.


-Derik Takai, 47, President of Grantco Pacific Inc.



I am from the Philippines and have only been in Hawaii for a few months.  Since I have never worked out before someone recommended that I start training with Dennis before joining the Air Force.  He definitely knows what he is doing.  He shows me how to do every single exercise correctly and constantly gets me to improve on them.  I see myself getting better every week I train with him.


-Vandolf Lucino, 18, Air Force



Dennis was always on time for our training sessions.  Anytime I had questions he would listen and answer them where they made sense to me.  When I'm not training with him and he sees me around the gym, he always takes his time out to see how Im doing with my workouts.  I not only look at him as a personal trainer but also as a friend who wants to see you succeed and hit your goals.  For those of you who are looking to hit your goals I would definitely recommend him as a trainer.


-Derrah Sakurai, 32, Treatment Coordinator, Mother of 2



Dennis is excellent.  He is very encouraging and wants to see you succeed.  I've gained a lot of knowledge working with him and now I'm seeing the results I want.  (I didn't learn nearly as much from 24 Hour Fitness trainers and they were more expensive)  You won't be sorry training with Dennis!


-Ericka Velasco, 26, Costco Cashier Assistant



My form has gotten better to where I know how to do exercises without hurting myself and it's all thanks to Dennis.  I've been at Powerhouse for only a few months and I've gotten closer to my goal as a bodybuilding competitor than the seven months I was at 24 Hr Fitness.  And it's really affordable to be trained by a top notch trainer that really listens to what I want to accomplish and knows how to get there.  


-Charles-Aaron Naone, 25, Costco Night Merch



I lost 13lbs in six days thanks to Dennis's advice. He gave simple tips on what to do, nothing really hard that would affect my busy schedule. I'm thankful for the help he gave me.

-Gustav Danielson, Grace Pacific Construction, Husband and Father of 4


Dennis was a great trainer. He was on time for our sessions. He emphasized proper form and technique instead of weight for exercises. I would recommend him as a trainer to anyone looking to learn how to work out the proper way.


-Brandon Sparks, 30, IT Specialist


I am proud to say I've lost 12 lbs since I first started one month ago.  That's way beyond my expectations.  I learned new and proper techniques and new exercises.  Other members, new and old, will surely benefit from your vast knowledge and expertise as a Personal Trainer.  You are a great asset to the PowerHouse Gym.


-Sim Acosta, 44, Real Estate Broker now HPD

Showed me how to perform a deadlift properly.  With his guidance, I was able to lift more than my bodyweight on the very first day!

-Andrew Mau, 36, Waiter



You were really encouraging and you pushed me more than I would push myself, giving me better results!


-Charisse Agraan, 16, High School Student



I became much stronger and had more confidence seeing my body in such good shape!


-William Barbosa, 18, Biomedical Student



Dennis really emphasizes proper form and technique and will get you better results.  He has outstanding knowledge on equipment in the gym and knows how to push you to get the results you want. 


-Ronnie, 24, Air Force



Awesome workout and great learning experience.  Really goes into detail on the basics of a good exercise and the importance of proper diet.


-Lawrence Serrano, 24, Registered Nurse



Dennis is a great trainer, very informative on form, very encouraging and most of all pushes you out of your comfort zone. 


-Teri Nanbu, 48, Mother of 3 Granny to 2



Dennis is very patient, always smiling no matter what was said in the session and always has a positive outlook.  You have nothing to lose but a positive workout with Dennis!


-Bonnie Fraser, 55, Owner, BNK Medical Billing Service



You've motivated me to get back in shape and stay fit.  Dennis Ching really knows what to do and how to get a good workout.  You'll be in good hands.


-Poni Maugaotega, 21, Cartsweeper



The workout with you was one of the best workouts I've had! 


-Mary Doi, 54, Dental Assistant



I am a retired Navy Chief and currently a Merchant Mariner.  I've found it difficult to workout with the limited gym equipment provided onboard ships.  Dennis introduced me to the TRX Suspension Trainer used by military personnel that I can now utilize in my stateroom instead of in a crowded gym.  He showed me proper techniques, explaining what muscles are exercised, and the amount of repetitions I should perform.  He is very knowledgeable in other forms of exercises also and very easy to get along with.


- Manny Barbosa, 49, Systems Maintenance Engineer



Dennis was dependable, consistent, and flexible. He wasn't intimidating but motivating.


- Chi Yon Barbosa, Homemaker, Mother of 3



After just 1 session with Dennis I could jump more and run more during basketball and that was just one day. Imagine if I had more training! If you have any questions about working out or how to use the equipment he's the guy to ask!


- Tane Agbayani, 18, Security



During the training that Dennis give me I've learned a lot about form but not only that but he has taught my various workout techniques that are safe.  I've learned a lot from the personal training and ever since then I've made sure that I use what he has taught me in all my workouts. 


-Chris Rivera, 17, James Campbell High school



I feel that the training I got from Mr. Dennis Ching was awesome!  I learned tons about form and getting the most out of your workouts.  Before the training, when I would do inclined and flat dumbbells I would rep as deep as possible and I would have major shoulder pain but now I know it's not nessesary to come down too far on some exercises and stress out body parts that don't need to be.  No more shoulder pains!  I also learned that lightweight can be pretty intense too!


-Quinton Moana, 18, Hawaii Pacific University



Dennis showed me some great tips to improve my form while training. He also showed me a variety of exercises I could do to save me from experiencing monotonous workouts.  Tired of eating chicken breast and veggies?  Dennis gave me healthy local recipes that saved me from cheat meal turning into cheat week.  I appreciate the expertise, education and schedule flexibility he provided.


-K, Mother of 2



He's good at adapting to people's fitness level (or lack thereof).  He is encouraging, patient and thorough when explaining how to use gym equipment.  He's very nice but I die after every session (but thats a good thing!)  


-Lesha, 16, Mililani High School Student



I have been working out with Dennis two times a week for almost a year and he has shown me many types of exercises that can also be done at home.  He has helped me tone up without bulking up.


-Sheila, 43, Mother of 3



In just a couple of training sessions with Dennis he gave me so much knowledge on perfect form when performing an exercise!  When I first came into the gym I was clueless on good form so I was doing some exercises wrong, luckily I didn't injured myself.  With Dennis I'm able to do the exercise correctly to hit the target muscle and make some huge GAINZZZ!!!


-Kane Flores, 15, Student

 more to follow...                  


From other Personal Trainers/Co-workers


When we first joined Powerhouse, Dennis was one of the first trainers to go out of his way to make us feel like part of the team.  He is very knowledgable when it comes to computer training issues.  He was willing to take the time to show us step by step how the PH System operates.  In addition, whenever we needed to talk to someone pertaining a PT issue Dennis was more than helpful to lend an ear and give his advice on how we should handle client's needs.  He also possesses a lot of leadership qualities that we look to.  Dennis is one of the most helpful trainers and co-workers here at Powerhouse.


-Sean Powell, Powerhouse Personal Trainer

-Jacob Acob, Powerhouse Personal Trainer



Dennis is an amazing co-worker.  He is always very helpful and extremely professional.


-Kristy Moss, Powerhouse Personal Trainer



Dennis is a Team Player.  He always has time to help or makes the time.


-Forrest Henderson, Powerhouse NECP Personal Trainer, 15yrs Air Force




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